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Put your detective skills to work and unlock the secrets of Granada on this epic treasure hunt adventure.
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Step up your urban exploration skills with our epic treasure hunt tours! Forget about the boring lectures and immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind adventure through Granada. Our experienced guides will lead you through the winding streets and hidden alleys of Granada, taking you to places that most tourists never get to see. Tackle mind-bending puzzles, decode cryptic clues, and race to uncover the prize in a quest unlike any other. Get ready to experience the city like never before!

What’s treasure hunt all about?

Our treasure hunts offer a unique and exciting way to explore the city and get to know it in a deeper and more engaging way than a traditional tour. Instead of simply walking around and listening to a guide's lecture, you can learn actively by solving puzzles, cracking codes, and uncovering clues that lead them to the prize.

But who said you get to have all the fun? Let one of our experienced guides join you on your treasure hunt adventure and share fascinating insights into the history of our town. And who knows, while you're busy solving clues and completing tasks, our guides might just be having fun watching you struggle. And after a successful hunt, there's nothing like unwinding with a refreshing drink and friendly conversation at one of our favorite local bars!


You'll embark on a journey through the streets and alleyways of the city, looking for the clues and hints. With each step, you'll experience the city in a whole new way, discovering hidden gems and uncovering secrets you never would have found on a traditional tour.
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Whether you're a group of friends, a family, or a solo traveler, this unique and thrilling experience is guaranteed to give you memories that you won't forget.
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Treasure hunt tours combine the excitement of playing games with the thrill of exploring a new city. It's a unique and interactive way to discover the hidden gems of a city.
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Ditch the boring textbooks and step into a world where history comes alive. With every clue you solve, you'll dive deeper into the rich past of the city, gaining a unique and unforgettable perspective on the history that shaped it. If you're looking for a way to make history lessons more thrilling, a treasure hunt is the way to go!
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